Monday, August 18, 2008

3rd Anniversary of Katrina

"I feel so bad for how wrong everything went with Katrina aftermath. It shows that when faced with disaster - no one knows what the hell to do or how to do it. Look at all that money that was wasted while there were (& still are) folks living underneath bridge overpasses. I read the food mags (gourmet, bon apetit) & they rave about how New Orleans is “back” & they’re eating all fancy & partying, I can’t help but think of those folks under that damn bridge!" edited blogger comment

"New Orleans has always been a city of extremes, but now the extreme low end has gotten even lower while the other end looks like nothing ever happened. This is something Dubya could make right before he leaves office." edited blogger comment


I have been working on the new pieces, doing a bit of info collecting and writing for the show to be hung Aug 28th at Bangor Public Library in Maine. Its been a long time in coming but the timing couldn't be better with the 3rd anniversary of Katrina coinciding with the show. I am excited about the work and happy to be doing this. I hope many will see, remember, think and possibly do something to be involved in some way.

We hope to be working on an e-book to be available to anyone at any time online.
There will also be an online gallery set up for viewing the work for which I will post the link soon.

There is much to be done and the complex problem points out the many difficulties that continue to face this country, not just in the rebuilding and healing of racial inhumanities in New Orleans but the ecological devastation, deteriorating infrastructure and racial and economical injustices found across the entire country.

I hope you will visit the show either in person or online (link to be posted).

I look forward to your thoughts and comments.

Thank you,

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