Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Last Day-Musicians Village and FEMA Trailors and more FEMA Trailors

Musicians Village -upper 9th ward.

Today is my last day here. Its been a good but difficult trip. I feel so lucky I have a nice home to return to. Brandon has been a wonderful guide and I have seen so many things that I would not have if not for her. I thank her for all her time, insight and information. Her old truck barely crossed the bridges over the Mississippi but we made it to all our destinations.

We made a trip over to Musicians Village today in the upper 9th.

The Musicians' Village, conceived by Harry Connick and Winton Marsalis, will consist of 70 single-family, Habitat for Humanity-constructed homes for displaced New Orleans musicians and other qualifying families. On January 9, 2006 NOAHH acquired eight acres of land in the Upper 9th Ward where the core area of the Musicians' Village will be located.

In addition to the homes in this tract, plans call for building at least 150 other homes in the surrounding Upper 9th Ward neighb
orhood. Construction began in March 2006 and the first ten homeowners moved into their new homes in August 2006. As of this date there have been 36 new Habitat homes constructed in the area. As you probably know, Habitat for Humanity helps families break out of the cycle of low-quality properties with high rent payments and into the world of reasonable payments toward home ownership.

Along the Gulf Coast, Habitat is currently undergoing construction on more than 57 homes per month in a region where Habitat affiliates had built 57 per year. Additionally, Habitat’s three goals for the effort are being met. The goals, set immedia
tely after the hurricanes struck, included helping Habitat affiliates restore service in affected areas, partnering with other organizations to address the complex housing need and building simple, decent homes in partnership with low-income, hurricane-affected families.

More Habitat for Humanity homes in upper 9th

This is a fantastic organization from what I have seen here and if you want to be involved or donate this looks like a really great group. They are still looking for volunteers and you can work just one day if that is all you the time you have.

FEMA trailors

FEMA trailors are everywhere. Its hard to imagine whole families living in these tiny tin boxes. Those who were lucky enough to have a yard to place the trailor in
seem to be a bit better off than those who live in the FEMA trailor parks. Row after row of trailers on asphalt. About 3,000 people live in more than 20 large communities of trailers.

FEMA trailers behind fence.


Well, that's it for now. Thanks to everyone who has been reading along. I hope the writing wasn't too awful! Volunteer, donate, march, tell people, do whatever you can and hopefully someone's life will be better.

Love, Suzanne