Monday, December 3, 2007

Exciting news coverage in Lower 9th ward = increased awareness and renewed interest!!

There are many opportunities to keep New Orleans alive in your heart at Christmas time. Make it Right has just unveiled Project Pink. Covered by the Today Show (see video) this morning, Project Pink is an installation in the Lower 9th created to bring attention to Make it Right and the adopt a house fund raiser. Headed by Bran Pitt (star power never hurts), you can adopt a whole house for $150,000 or just a gallon of paint or a compact flourescent light bulb. Donations in any denomination are also accepted.

Project Pink consists of little pink monopoly type houses created to represent the future 150 homes. There will be viewing platforms for pedestrians while the project continues.

Be sure to check out the really neat web site!

Christmas Giving - New Orleans
link for many of the active organizations in Lower 9th that could really use donations and hope you will support them at this time.

In case you missed it before here is the Wetlands video embedded into this blog

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The Wetlands Restoration Project Blog!

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Thanks for covering this event ^^