Friday, August 29, 2008

Show is hung and e-book is available

The third anniversary of Katrina is today. New Orleans acknowledges the day with bell ringing and candlelight vigils. See the link to the left.

The NOLA Project art show is up at the Bangor Public library as of today. It is a show of the work I did during and since my trip to New Orleans. I am happy with the overall look of the show. Hope to get some comments there and also here on the blog.

Accompanying the show is an online e-book for those who would like to see the work but are not in the Bangor area. Its pretty neat to be able to produce one of these and it feels like a nice addition to the paintings and photos.


Democratic candidate Barack Obama took a swing at the administration during his acceptance speech in Denver Thursday evening, calling the Bush administration a government "that sits on its hands while a major American city drowns before our eyes," referring to post-Katrina New Orleans.


Still praying Gustav will miss New Orleans. To early to tell where or how much of a storm. As of Friday morning, New Orleans officials say that if it calls for an evacuation, it would come sometime on Saturday. Hopefully Gustav will spin itself out and not cause any further trouble.


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