Friday, October 5, 2007

Almost There-Getting Ready


Hello to all who have been checking this blog and are supporting this project. Sorry to have been lax in my blogging of late. So much to do and trying to get caught up with work before leaving for New Orleans.

Last weekend we (my husband Anthony and myself) attended an end the war rally/ bring home the troops etc. event in Bangor. It was a good rally and there were some really great speeches but I was a little disapointed by the turn out. There weren't that many more people attending then had been at the rally in March. With all the dissatisfaction and frustration I hear from everyone everyday I thought there would be more in attendance. There was lots of support from people passing by in cars. Everyone needs to get involved however they can.

I don't really want to move the discussion here beyond New Orleans though its hard not to when everything is so related. As a country we should focus on what is needed right here like fixing failing infrastructures instead of spending billions of dollars on an unjust war.

Well, so long till I post my first blog from New Orleans. You should expect to see something from me Oct 10 in the evening as that will be my first full day. I will be jumping right in and will have lots to show you.

Till then,

Best wishes,


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Anonymous said...

Oops! There's a typo in your last paragraph. You skipped to next week on the date of your first blog from NOLA. Should be 10/11! I hope everyone will realize and look for your blogs right away. Good luck on your project! Can't wait to hear from you!